Monday, July 23, 2012

Hobby and cost index

As a kid, we were often asked what our hobby is and sometimes even asked to write about it. It would usually be an essay that you talk how wonderful your hobby is and what it has brought you to.

Let's list"s" of hobbies and it's associated cost.


I used to play basketball when I was younger. I played with bunch of secondary school boys at the age of 7 or 8. So when they push me I would usually fly so far. These were good old times, I still play them now but a lot less now. It's bloody cheap game, shoes only cost hundreds for a real good one and they can last you at least a year or two, basketball also only cost hundred or so for a good one, court is usually free.

Expensiveness index: Cheap


Then I started to play badminton, it is a badass game. It's expensive. Shoe cost hundreds, racquet cost hundreds and they broke in a slight clash, which is not rare at all. The worst is the cost of shuttlecocks and court rental. I average up spending around RM15 for each badminton session. Discounting sport drinks, meals after game and etc. If you play 3 times a week, you will going to restring your racquet every month too and also be real broken in a while.

Expensiveness Index: Expensive

Computer Games

After that I got hook into computer games, it's not that expensive initially. Buying an original games cost RM100~200 and you can play them for your life (and went out of your life). But after that multiplayer online games appear, it requires a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION which is really badass, but still manageable, World of Warcraft cost RM60 per month and it is guarantee to take your life away. After that the worst is probably "FREE" to play MMORPG, which I play perfect world and spend close to RM1500 on a single game. Some people I know spend close to 6 figure amount to play a game.. which you can actually use it to buy a house. Not forgetting you would require a decent computer to play the games.

Expensiveness Index: Moderate to extreme


After that it's photography, I started photography with a semi-pro camera - The panasonic LX3, the urge to upgrade is always there but I still manage to hold on to the same camera after 3 years. For those who are into DSLR are not so fortunate, after they got their expensive full frame body, they would still have to battle out for expensive lenses, flashes, accessory, filters and etc etc.

Expensiveness Index: Expensive to extreme


I got obsessed with running currently even though I can hardly run fast. I almost bought all the most expensive item available. A GPS watch which you can use for other function, shoes, I have more shoes than my legs can wear, socks - some imported from US. Only thing I haven't start going into compression garments. They are relatively cheap if you discounting the cost of joining oversea races

Expensiveness Index: Relatively cheap


My friend's single statement: I want to start triathlon got me hook into the never ending triathlon. I bought my first road bike. Cost me RM4000. Further accessory such as hand pumps, 4 tires, lamps and etc cost me an arm and a leg. Also that reading too much online will make you always want to upgrade this and that. Even a water bottle I bought last week cost RM40..

Expensiveness Index: Very Expensive


I trained a lot before Kapas Marang preparation. All I got with me is a pair of RM40 swimming trunks and RM40 swimming goggles. OK, there's also monthly swimming lesson which cost RM150. and occasionally visit to the pool which cost RM5 per visit. Swimming is very cheap in comparison to other sport I have participated. I bought also some expensive training gear such as flippers, snorkel, kick board, paddle but they can be use for a long time without the need of replacement

Expensiveness Index: Cheap


I did not get too poison into this because the high end stuff is too expensive. I only bought a RM600 speaker, RM600 on board sound, RM300 headphone, Rm200 IEM, and RM150 DAC. It can get very scary when you sink too deep into it

Expensiveness Index: Expensive to extreme


Yes! I turn into keyboard warrior for a while and I bought 3 mechanical keyboards which cost me around Rm1200. It's not so bad actually since these keyboards are built to withstand bomb explosion haha. Never sink deeper into getting custom keycaps and also some unique board outside.

Expensive Index: Fair


I was hook into music when my friend peer pressure me to join my university music club. Reluctantly sign up but become very interested with it. Soon I signed up piano lessons which cost a lot, also bought a digital piano synthesizer (cost me 2k for a secondhand unit). Also signed up for vocal lesson. Tried cello but no talent with it.

Expensive Index: Expensive to extreme


This is the badass actually, basically my first 2 years working salary are all spent into it.

Expensive Index: Unrated

Drinking and Food

I am interesting to eat good food and drink good stuff. But not so much into high end dining, it's ok once in a while tho.

Expensive Index: Cheap to Extreme

That sums up my multiple hobbies.. Sometimes I am envious at people who doesn't have too much hobbies.. If I dont do all these crazy stuff I bet my bank account is going to ended up having more figures..