Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fat Ass Runner v2

Once upon a guy, a fat ass was one out of 3 unfit students who have been chosen for the sport school entry qualifying. The first test is a 800m sprint time trial, which the fat ass who never ran in his life did miserably. He had to walk the last 400m to the finishing line, other participants seems to be elite athlete which has completed the 800m long ago grew to become impatient.

After that the fat ass has been labelled as a person who cannot run. Well after 13 years, the fat ass appeared to have taken wrong medication and started running again. Obvious I am referring the fat ass as myself.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 - my 2nd 10k run

As of last year I have did this.

  • Putrajaya Night Race 10k
  • Penang Internation Marathon 10k
  • Nike We Run KL 10K
  • adiNation Trail Run 7.68K 

As of this year I have bigger ambition that I wanna do more and try more new things. Eventually as of today, I have done 
  • Multipurpose Insurance Run 12K
  • UTAR Torch Run
  • 1 Vision Run 10K
  • Brooks Half Marathon 21K
The Brooks would be my first turning point as a attempted longer distance, and still able to do a similar pace as I did my MPIB run.

As of this year I have plan ahead to achieve many suffer-thlon which includes

  • Yam Tuan Antah Challenge Trail  - Done as of February 2012
  • Kenyir Triathlon in coming weekend
  • Kapas Marang Swimathon  in April 2012
  • Tioman Eco Challenge in May 2012
  • KL Tower Towerthlon in May 2012
  • KL-Marathon in June 2012
This is what that get me started on Triathlon - PD Tri Clinic
 Friends have been questioning why am I doing so much in so little time, I guess no one can answer that even me myself. Something must be wrong but I am happy the way I am now.

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