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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hobby and cost index

As a kid, we were often asked what our hobby is and sometimes even asked to write about it. It would usually be an essay that you talk how wonderful your hobby is and what it has brought you to.

Let's list"s" of hobbies and it's associated cost.


I used to play basketball when I was younger. I played with bunch of secondary school boys at the age of 7 or 8. So when they push me I would usually fly so far. These were good old times, I still play them now but a lot less now. It's bloody cheap game, shoes only cost hundreds for a real good one and they can last you at least a year or two, basketball also only cost hundred or so for a good one, court is usually free.

Expensiveness index: Cheap


Then I started to play badminton, it is a badass game. It's expensive. Shoe cost hundreds, racquet cost hundreds and they broke in a slight clash, which is not rare at all. The worst is the cost of shuttlecocks and court rental. I average up spending around RM15 for each badminton session. Discounting sport drinks, meals after game and etc. If you play 3 times a week, you will going to restring your racquet every month too and also be real broken in a while.

Expensiveness Index: Expensive

Computer Games

After that I got hook into computer games, it's not that expensive initially. Buying an original games cost RM100~200 and you can play them for your life (and went out of your life). But after that multiplayer online games appear, it requires a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION which is really badass, but still manageable, World of Warcraft cost RM60 per month and it is guarantee to take your life away. After that the worst is probably "FREE" to play MMORPG, which I play perfect world and spend close to RM1500 on a single game. Some people I know spend close to 6 figure amount to play a game.. which you can actually use it to buy a house. Not forgetting you would require a decent computer to play the games.

Expensiveness Index: Moderate to extreme


After that it's photography, I started photography with a semi-pro camera - The panasonic LX3, the urge to upgrade is always there but I still manage to hold on to the same camera after 3 years. For those who are into DSLR are not so fortunate, after they got their expensive full frame body, they would still have to battle out for expensive lenses, flashes, accessory, filters and etc etc.

Expensiveness Index: Expensive to extreme


I got obsessed with running currently even though I can hardly run fast. I almost bought all the most expensive item available. A GPS watch which you can use for other function, shoes, I have more shoes than my legs can wear, socks - some imported from US. Only thing I haven't start going into compression garments. They are relatively cheap if you discounting the cost of joining oversea races

Expensiveness Index: Relatively cheap


My friend's single statement: I want to start triathlon got me hook into the never ending triathlon. I bought my first road bike. Cost me RM4000. Further accessory such as hand pumps, 4 tires, lamps and etc cost me an arm and a leg. Also that reading too much online will make you always want to upgrade this and that. Even a water bottle I bought last week cost RM40..

Expensiveness Index: Very Expensive


I trained a lot before Kapas Marang preparation. All I got with me is a pair of RM40 swimming trunks and RM40 swimming goggles. OK, there's also monthly swimming lesson which cost RM150. and occasionally visit to the pool which cost RM5 per visit. Swimming is very cheap in comparison to other sport I have participated. I bought also some expensive training gear such as flippers, snorkel, kick board, paddle but they can be use for a long time without the need of replacement

Expensiveness Index: Cheap


I did not get too poison into this because the high end stuff is too expensive. I only bought a RM600 speaker, RM600 on board sound, RM300 headphone, Rm200 IEM, and RM150 DAC. It can get very scary when you sink too deep into it

Expensiveness Index: Expensive to extreme


Yes! I turn into keyboard warrior for a while and I bought 3 mechanical keyboards which cost me around Rm1200. It's not so bad actually since these keyboards are built to withstand bomb explosion haha. Never sink deeper into getting custom keycaps and also some unique board outside.

Expensive Index: Fair


I was hook into music when my friend peer pressure me to join my university music club. Reluctantly sign up but become very interested with it. Soon I signed up piano lessons which cost a lot, also bought a digital piano synthesizer (cost me 2k for a secondhand unit). Also signed up for vocal lesson. Tried cello but no talent with it.

Expensive Index: Expensive to extreme


This is the badass actually, basically my first 2 years working salary are all spent into it.

Expensive Index: Unrated

Drinking and Food

I am interesting to eat good food and drink good stuff. But not so much into high end dining, it's ok once in a while tho.

Expensive Index: Cheap to Extreme

That sums up my multiple hobbies.. Sometimes I am envious at people who doesn't have too much hobbies.. If I dont do all these crazy stuff I bet my bank account is going to ended up having more figures..

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SCKLM 2012

I finally able to call myself a marathoner, despite poor timing and awfully painful aftermath.. I am still glad I have done it..

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kenyir Triathlon

On my quest to embrace more suffer and pain to myself, I am happy that now I am able to add another strikethrough for my list of suffer-thlon that I have plan ahead in first half of year 2012.
  • Yam Tuan Antah Challenge Trail  - Done as of February 2012
  • Brooks Half-Marathon - Done as of March 2012
  • Kenyir Triathlon - Done as of March 2012 
  • Kapas Marang Swimathon  in April 2012
  • Tioman Eco Challenge in May 2012
  • KL Tower Towerthlon in May 2012
  • Malakoff Duathlon Series in May 2012
  • KL-Marathon in June 2012
  • PD-Triathlon in July 2012
  • River Jungle Marathon in September 2012 (Last Marathon of 2012 I believe)
For a start, let's look at what to bring. Basically there are 4 bags which I am bringing. Let's check the list on
1.    The swim - tri-pants (speedo will do fine too) + swimming goggle (bring spare just in case)+ antifog (I use diluted shampoo for this purpose) + swim cap (provided by the organiser)
2.    The bike + helm + water bottles + stand pump (which I make a mistake of leaving it at home, will elaborate on this later) + apparel you gonna wear + repair tools (another mistake which I made) bike computer or whatever stuff you will need to cycle 
3.    The run - shoe obviously and your attire + sunblock + Vaseline
Since I am doing this for the first time, I am happy that Henry has offered me a ride with him to Kenyir. We drove all the way from K.L to Kenyir, stopping over Kemaman for a yummy lunch. Upon reaching our resort, we quickly unload our stuff and went around appreciate the good environment ambiences around. It is such a lovely place

We went on for a quick survey on the next day’s race course and this is rather important that we know our strategy next day in such where to conserve our energy, the difficult part and also what’s ahead.

The next morning mark the beginning of race, we woke up really early. Prepared our self for the race and everything seems to be in proper order. By then I realise I want to have some extra pressure in my bicycle tire, I have to borrow the pump from my friend because I decide not to bring mind having it in mind it’s bulky and heavy. The problem arise that everything when I try to pull off the pump mounting from my bicycle pump valves, the whole thing would follow out together. It gets so frustrating and helpless that there’s nothing I can do to get my tire’s pump pressure up. My hand pump which I bought without event used it appears that I don’t know how to operate this thing.

In the end I manage to pump just enough pressure on my rear tire and I am already sweating like hell in an air conditioned room. We ride to the body marking area and get ready for the race.

About the race, there’s nothing much to be worthy mention. The swim is good; in fact one of the best times I could expect myself to do, around 36mins for 1.5km swim. For the bike I pushed my bike up the slope knowing that it will gives too much burden on my legs muscle on further run leg. I believe I made the right choice seeing some others which ride all the way in bike suffers tremendously in their run. The time around 1:32 isn’t great but happy for me. The run still proves a big challenge to me as I am unable to overcome myself mentally, it’s so hot and my mind felt so exhausted I just walk more than I run for the entire course. Needless to say 1:15 for a 8.6km run, personal worst! I finished the entire thing in less than 3hours 30minutes, target set achieved and I went back as a happy man.

After the race, I learned that in a race, transition part can get really messy; especially you can’t find the item you are looking for. For the run; you need to do a lot of bike-run brick to overcome the bricking obstacle. I also made friends with many new meet people which is the most important outcome that I could possibly had. Special thanks for my roommate and carpool mate that have been advising me for the entire journey.

This post has been drafted for a long time but it took so much time to be put all together. Another thlon done and more awaiting ahead.

All it takes to join a triathlon race, minus the hula hoop please

View of the lake from my room, awesome!


RM180 for the room, what else to complain

Carbo Loading Dinner

Buffet Dinner - Don't put much hope on it la.

View from the hotel lobby

View of the hotel

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fat Ass Runner v2

Once upon a guy, a fat ass was one out of 3 unfit students who have been chosen for the sport school entry qualifying. The first test is a 800m sprint time trial, which the fat ass who never ran in his life did miserably. He had to walk the last 400m to the finishing line, other participants seems to be elite athlete which has completed the 800m long ago grew to become impatient.

After that the fat ass has been labelled as a person who cannot run. Well after 13 years, the fat ass appeared to have taken wrong medication and started running again. Obvious I am referring the fat ass as myself.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 - my 2nd 10k run

As of last year I have did this.

  • Putrajaya Night Race 10k
  • Penang Internation Marathon 10k
  • Nike We Run KL 10K
  • adiNation Trail Run 7.68K 

As of this year I have bigger ambition that I wanna do more and try more new things. Eventually as of today, I have done 
  • Multipurpose Insurance Run 12K
  • UTAR Torch Run
  • 1 Vision Run 10K
  • Brooks Half Marathon 21K
The Brooks would be my first turning point as a attempted longer distance, and still able to do a similar pace as I did my MPIB run.

As of this year I have plan ahead to achieve many suffer-thlon which includes

  • Yam Tuan Antah Challenge Trail  - Done as of February 2012
  • Kenyir Triathlon in coming weekend
  • Kapas Marang Swimathon  in April 2012
  • Tioman Eco Challenge in May 2012
  • KL Tower Towerthlon in May 2012
  • KL-Marathon in June 2012
This is what that get me started on Triathlon - PD Tri Clinic
 Friends have been questioning why am I doing so much in so little time, I guess no one can answer that even me myself. Something must be wrong but I am happy the way I am now.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fat Ass Runner

Running Kakis which have gave me so many tips on how to run - LYN runners - Run Inspired

Running? What the fuck is this? I never liked running from young, in fact hated it and have been avoiding it all the time at all cost. Troubled by asthma from young, my running have always been teased. Worse when the side effect of asthma medication would make you goes extremely lean or big. Falling on the later category makes running even harder.

How did I start running then? Long long time ago, which is not really long like 3 years back where I passed by New Balance retailer and grabbed a running shoe, MR1043, a top end model shoe during that time. Dedicated to shred of more body weight I thought running would be the perfect sport as it's one of the most intensive cardio activities easily available. As expected, the first run turn out to be miserable, I barely manage to run for the first 200m in my house's 800m loop, have to walk the 600m back. Over the month I slowly improve that I am able to walk-run for the entire 800m loops up to 3 or 4 loops. After that no more sign of improvement.

It started again in 2011 May or June where bunch of my colleagues ask me to sign up for Putrajaya Night Marathon. Seeing how everyone is anticipating it, I dive into it too but on the same day where i have made my race registration confirmation, I have regretted it. I rushed back from work to home that day and try to run a 5k and see what I can do. It took me around 40 minutes for the first 4.8k (800m loops x 6) and I would miss out the 80 minutes cut off for sure. Things doesn't improve from here as my MR1043 is actually slightly too big for my feet causing many chaffing on my feet base. I did 82 minutes for my first 10k race in my life, missing the cut off by 2 minutes but the organiser are generous enough that they actually gave medals and finishing certificate to every single runners who completed the event.

PNM 2011 is where I really started running, the same night I completed my first 10k, I bought a new running shoe - Brooks Glycerin 9. I race again in Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 for 10k and the new shoe strangely have prompt me to do heel strike for the entire run. I improved by 12 minutes margin compared to PNM 2011 10k race and have been very happy with it. When I got back to hotel, I realised that my knee and Achilles tendon is ruined. During Nike We run KL 10k which falls on the following week of PBIM, I couldn't really run well and only managed to clock a 71 minutes course time which is one minute behind my PBIM 10k race.

After that I have join a few more races such as the Multipurpose Insurance Run 2012, UTAR Torch Run (it's walking not run..), Yam Tuan Climbathon 2012 (if that counts), and 1 Vision Run 2012.

The big day came where I have to pop my cherries on Half Marathon distance. Did once 20k LSD in February definitely boosted my confidence to complete the race. But things can go really wrong even you are fully prepared, also hearing stories that how bad is the inclination of the entire race course, also organising committees saying that this will be a over distance event because of detour from Traffic Police advice. I have made the worst possible assumption that I might have to complete my first Half Marathon in 4 hours - A really generous cut off time the organiser have gave us.

Reality turns out the hills is not as bad as double hill, just that mentally sucks when you know that you are suppose to end here for Half Marathon Distance of 21.1km but instead you have to run extra 600m into the stadium. I completed my Half Marathon as my planned pace, almost 7 mins KM pace which I am quite glad about. Thank god again no cramp no incidents, injuries would be the runners worst possible nightmares

So why am I doing things like this lately? I am actually doing things which people said I could not do. People used to say you cant sing, you can run, you cant this and that. Stand up and prove it to them that you can, give it a big slap on their face and I believe will power alone can drive so many dreams into realities.

Brooks HM 2012 Course

How I did? not good not bad.

This is what it takes to run 21k
You need to treat yourself well too after the run - Ice bath with Curry Pork Mee!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Barefoot Running

I'm into fitness maniac lately, in a short turnover I bought more stuff than I could ever utilised.

It started October last year where I started my first 10k race in Putrajaya Night Race and after the race I bought my Brooks Glycerin 9. Retiring my old New Balance Shoe (very good shoe but I bought the wrong size), I managed a 12minutes improvement for my following 10k race (Penang Bridge Internation Marathon-PBIM) and soon Nike We Run KL 10k Race.

During the small time frame, I bump into various problem. During PBIM, I tried Heel Landing and have a serious knee problem induced on my body. For Nike Run which falls on the follow week of PBIM, I simply felt too exhausted to compete in the race.

Soon on later I get more obsessed with GAS - Gear Acquiring Syndrome which I cant remember how I bump into barefoot running. This is the damage done. Introducing the Vibram Five Fingers - VFF.

So what's so great about the VFF, it has no or minimal support. You know what you are stepping on - Asphalt road, grass or cow dunk (you would not want to know how it feels like) meaning your feet dictate how you would be doing instead on the legs helping. It's really great to condition your legs muscle which have been went hiding many years under the Heavy Cushion Shoe we used to wore.

Another major thing I like is that flexibility and ease of wearing, I wear it without socks (I thought the Injinji was too expensive that I keep dragging on my purchase) and eventually it actually fells more natural running without socks in this particular "shoe". The flexibility is a double edge sword. During trail running, you will be thankful how easily you can run fast but landing at various odd angle during a trail / hill run. The other edge meaning if you step on a stone, kicked a root, or had someone to stepped on your, you would be screaming in vein.

I am still training to get used to this shoe (transitioning takes time and awakes our giant sleeping muscle), overdoing it will only cause more harm than good. To date I have done around 5 Apek / Bukit Segar trail. Even in one occasion when I was in the middle the journey, rains pour heavily and have no problem running in a soaked shoe (imagine that with a thick cushion shoe). I done my longest ever run in my life, a 20k hills road run last week.

I wish this shoe help me achieve more in my running passion and meanwhile, happy running.

p/s I did this for bricking too (40km cycling followed by a 7km run), although it looks really weird to cycle in VFF.

p/s2: I hate writing so many words